Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eleven Signs You're a Parent

There are some things in our pre-parenting lives that we just didn't appreciate the way we do now, and that really are unavoidable upon entering the parenting realm:

11. You can almost never finish something you've started (not in one go, at least).
10. You realize there truly is a difference between "G," "PG" and "PG-13" rated movies. A BIG difference.
9. Many lyrics in many popular songs don't seem so "cool" any more.
8. You've got to be a lot better about hiding certain things, be it your secret chocolate stash or something else...
7. You no longer think it's gross, but can understand the importance of doing post-bathroom spot checks well into elementary school.
6. Chuck E. Cheese is your new nightmare.
5. Your wardrobe = functional over stylish.
4. You now find the hilarity in the noise of the adult voices on Peanuts movies.
3. You're in by 10, out (as in "lights out") by 10:30.
2. You embrace the minivan as very practical and functional--everything you need in a family ride!
AND...the one you probably really held out on for as long as you could...
1. You do find yourself referring to your spouse as "mom" or "dad"

What perceptions have changed for you with the onset of parenting?

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