Monday, March 3, 2014

Exceeding Eleven Grossest Parenting Moments

I was trying to "think outside the box" from the usual "Top Ten" lists. There's always one more worth adding, right?! I hope to make this a weekly round-up, so check back often for new lists.

I feel the need to laugh today; I'm sure you do too. Being cooped up in the longest winter ever starts to get to a person after a while. So, let's kick this weekly list off with a funny one...The Exceedingly Eleven Grossest Parenting Moments:

#11: You've found yourself using whatever (sleeves, fingers, etc.) to wipe your child's green boogers.

#10: Thinking about all the different things your child touched today before putting their hands in their mouth.

#9: Having to listen to words like "poop" and "poopy" more times than you ever thought was possible.

#8: Cleaning out pair after pair after pair after pair after pair of dirty underwear...diapers seem like a cakewalk in retrospect!!

#7: Getting breathed on by your kid when they have the stomach flu.

#6: Dealing with the stomach flu in general (there are probably 11 elements that could generate a new list!)

#5: Looking at the backseat of your car--just don't look!

#4: Anything that has led to an emergency bath.

#3: Cleaning the bathroom...I have boys--enough said!

#2: Having the joy of trying to pluck an unknown object out of your child's nose. (*Note: If you are unable to remove an unknown object from your child's nose fairly easily, you really should seek medical care immediately! And know that it happens to one out of every two kids!!)


#1: Realizing that you don't even require privacy when you go to the bathroom any more.

What's one of your exceedingly gross parenting moments?

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