Friday, March 14, 2014

Exceedingly Eleven Most Surprising Things About Parenting

Let's face it--I don't think there's one of us out there that hasn't had something unexpected occur during our parenting journey. As much as we all thought we knew what we were getting into, there were things along the way that we had no idea were going to happen...

#11: How often your kids were going to get sick and how many sick days you'd have to take.
#10: You thought sleep deprivation ended during infancy--HAH!
#9: The amount of diapers, wipes, spare clothes and underwear you would go through with each child.
#8: That child care would end up costing almost as much as a college education.
#7: You now empathize with all the parents you judged for their parenting choices before you had kids
#6: You and your spouse wouldn't agree on every parenting move.
#5: You should have started saving for the kids' college fund when you were in college.
#4: The catastrophic messes that could actually be created by one small individual.
#3: Going somewhere alone, even if it is to the dentist or the grocery store, feels exciting.
#2: How much you'd appreciate having moments all by yourself.

And let's not forget, last but certainly not least...

#1: You never fully experienced such unconditional love for another person like this before.

What have been some unexpected parenting moments for you? Please share!

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