Monday, October 28, 2013

The Joy of the Street Sweeper

This morning I stopped to watch the street sweeper come down our street and I was instantly transported back to childhood. One of my favorite memories was when the street sweeper would be near...(you can always hear it before you see it) and I would instantly run to the living room window to stand still and watch while it slowly sauntered by.

It was a total sensory experience! The slow pace that it moved at, the crunch of the leaves being swept to the curb, the hum of the machine itself. And when it came by, everything in my world slowed down, just like that street sweeper.

How often, as adults, do we take these moments to let everything just slow down like a street sweeper so we can appreciate our surroundings? Not often enough!

Today I challenge you to take two minutes to slow down and truly enjoy something very ordinary within your routine.

What is your "street sweeper" moment?

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